Programs for Parents and Carers

At Berne, staff regularly engage and collaborate with parents and carers about their child’s educational needs. Parents and carers are supported to best assist their child educationally, socially, emotionally and behaviourally. This includes  

  • Ongoing collaboration of school staff, with parents and carers to implements the strategies that best support the individual student.
  • Helping parents to understand their child’s learning needs and how they can best support them.
  • Assisting parents in the management of their child’s mental and emotional needs
  • Help and support to both students and parents in transitioning back to their mainstream schools.

Parents and carers also have the opportunity to engage in a five week parenting program called “Tuning in to Teens”. This program is evidence-based and teaches parents ways they can help their child to develop emotional intelligence. The program subject matter includes the following:

  • Improve communication between you and your child
  • Better understanding of your child’s mental and emotional needs
  • Helping your child to manage their emotions
  • Helping your child to prevent behavioural problems and to manage conflict.