Paddock to Plate

The John Berne School is currently undertaking a Paddock to Plate program as part of our Living Skills Program. Teachers and students are busy creating a new, enlarged garden area where students will grow specific fresh produce for a “Paddock to Plate” program involving the use of produce to cook and make things such as kombucha, yoghurt and other ferments.

Within the program our students will look at paddock to plate eating, biodiversity, gut microbiome health etc. The program will integrate with daily lessons enhancing problem solving, caring and interacting with the environment, caring for the community as well as incorporating key aspects of the syllabus.

Students will be responsible for designing, ordering supplies, building garden beds, planting, fertilising, watering, nurturing and maintaining the garden.

The program is designed to build personal and social capability of students in becoming creative, confident individuals with a sense of self-worth and personal identity.

The John Berne School would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Westconnex Community Grant Scheme 2019, who have acknowledged and recognised the value and worth of our “Paddock to Plate” program at Berne and generously provided the funding for this project.