Child Protection Policy

The John Berne School is a Special School owned and conducted by the Marist Brothers. The Marist Brothers were founded for the education and Christian formation of young people, especially the least favoured. Our goals are the same as those of any school: all true education aims at producing persons for others, people who can live outside themselves for others. This may sound overly simplistic in a school for needy and difficult young people at risk, but any goal less than this fails to respect these children as human beings who share the same joys and hopes, griefs and anxieties as all other persons. However, we can state our goals more precisely:

  • To assist children and young people to appreciate themselves as worthwhile and capable human beings;
  • To assist children and young people in the process of realising their God-given potential;
  • To prepare children and young people to take their place as just and responsible members of society;
  • To prepare children and young people to share their skills and talents with others in the workforce, and thereby contribute to the common good;
  • To provide a safe, secure, enriching and challenging environment;
  • To provide a second chance for children and young people in difficulty, outreaching to their families and wider social networks.

Any report or suspicion of abuse or endangerment is handled with compassion, promptness and integrity, in the interests of justice and reconciliation.

Please see our complaints and feedback page for details on our complaints handling policy.

For further information, please download and read our full Child Protection Policy and an explanation of what constitutes reportable conduct.