Mission Statement

First established as The Berne Education Centre in 1998, The John Berne School is the contemporary version of a long term commitment by the Marist Brothers in Australia to students who are not able to cope in the mainstream schools system.

The John Berne School offers a specialised and unique learning environment that caters for vulnerable students who face a variety of emotional challenges and often struggle to thrive in the mainstream schooling system.

Standing apart from other schools, our special secondary school for Years 7–10 is focused on working one-­on-­one with students who have specific academic needs and problematic social complexities and who have already experienced many setbacks within and beyond their school environment.

Berne is a place for education to transform and transition students.

By respecting our students with unconditional acceptance and encouraging their self ­belief, we aim to rebuild skills and strategies, developing a holistic relationship with each student to restore faith, create trust and help build confidence.

Through individualised and customised programs delivered by committed staff, The John Berne School’s aim is to develop an environment that is safe and secure yet educationally challenging, thus empowering our students and enabling them to return to mainstream education, to enter trade training or to embark on their chosen career or employment field.