Counselling Program

A unique and integral part of The John Berne School is our counselling program. Each student is allocated a counsellor who works with them during their time at our school. This supportive partnership allows the student to work on the issues that affected their ability to cope in the mainstream educational environment and to resolve them.

The school counsellor assesses each student’s specific needs and develops a program to support their educational, behavioural, social and emotional needs. Our ultimate objective is that they leave The John Berne School as well adjusted young men and women who will make a positive contribution to our society.

The school counsellor can provide the following support:

  • psychological and psycho–educational assessments (cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social testing)
  • counselling (individual and group)
  • behavioural interventions and mentoring to support the cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of our students
  • promote resilience and wellbeing by helping the students develop social and communication skills, coping strategies, problem-solving and self-regulation techniques, so they are better able to achieve their identified goals
  • referrals to and liaison with other professionals and community agencies, as required
  • proactive support to teaching staff to assist more effective learning and management of behaviour.