Job Ready Program

Since opening its doors in 1998, The John Berne School has provided extensive support to its students and their families in preparing young people for their lives beyond Berne. Our Job Ready Program provides a range of vocational preparation learning opportunities teaching skills like writing a job application, interview techniques and telephone protocol as well as instructing students on appropriate workplace behaviour and communication. 

Throughout Years 9 and 10 students participate in up to nine weeks of work experience placements enabling them to have authentic experiences of the work environment and giving them avenues to try out different career options. We are grateful for the very many employers in the local community who support us in this way giving our students opportunities to experience a variety of workplace environments and helping them make better, well informed career choices.

The program also covers some additional external training requirements such as General Construction Induction Training (White Card) necessary when students are undertaking work experience placements in the construction industry.

The Job Ready Program teaches employability and practical skills that will help students make successful applications for employment, and for future schooling or learning opportunities for their lives beyond Berne. 

Please contact Careers Coordinator Michael Muranty for more information.