Job Ready Program

Since opening its doors in 1998, The John Berne School has provided extensive support to its students and their families in preparing young people for their lives beyond Berne. In 2008 the school launched a new initiative, the Job Ready Program, to formally engage all Year 9 & 10 students in job preparation and work experience placement activities.

The program is being taught as the Work Education subject and includes eight weeks of work experience. Berne is one of the few schools in Australia to provide this opportunity, which is genuinely linked back to learning outcomes of the Work Education course of study.

In addition to engaging students in this process, employers in the local community are great supporters who work with staff at the school to provide comments on students’ participation in the workplace, as well as the structure of the program we offer. The school welcomes this feedback from employers as it ensures that the program we provide is both current and relevant to workplaces today.

Parents and carers also have an important role to play, and are well assisted by school staff as they look towards future education, learning, or working arrangements. The school encourages independence by students as they work through the program, while also endeavouring to reconnect parents and carers with decisions the young people in their care make about their future.

The program teaches employability and practical skills that will help students make successful applications for employment, and for future schooling or learning opportunities when they finish at Berne. They are given numerous opportunities to put in practice the things they learn in the classroom, and very importantly, are given time to reflect on their experiences, which in turn helps them make better, well informed choices about their lives beyond Berne.

Please contact Careers Coordinator Michael Muranty for more information.