Complaints Policy

Information for Parents, Guardians, and the Public

Do you have any concerns, complaints, or suggestions about your experiences with the school? If so, we would like to hear them.

The school welcomes suggestions and comments from parents or guardians of children enrolled at the school and the public, and takes seriously complaints that may be raised. This page will show you how to use our complaints system.

A complaint will be treated as an expression of dissatisfaction with a real or perceived concern that needs a response.

We wish to ensure that:

  • if you would like to make a complaint you know how to do so.
  • we respond to complaints within a reasonable time and in a courteous and efficient way.
  • persons realise that we listen and take complaints seriously.
  • we take action, where appropriate.

How Should I Complain?

When you contact the school, please ask to speak to the staff member most closely connected with the issue, for example: teacher or stage coordinator. Be as clear as possible about what is concerning you. The staff member may be able to resolve the issue relatively quickly.

In certain circumstances, you may feel it appropriate to raise the issue with someone other than those most closely involved. If this is the case, you should contact the Complaints Officer by calling the school or sending an email to [email protected]

“I don’t want to complain as such, but there is something bothering me”

We are here for you and your child (if you are a parent or guardian of a student at the school), and we want to hear your views. Contact a staff member, as described above.

“I am not sure whether to complain or not”

If you have a concern, you are entitled to raise it. If in doubt, you should contact us, as we are here to help.

What Will Happen Next?

If you raise an issue face-to-face or by telephone, it may be possible to resolve the matter immediately or shortly afterwards, and to your satisfaction.

Formal complaints must be lodged in writing, or at a meeting convened for that purpose.

If you have made a formal complaint, we will contact you to respond to your concern and explain how we propose to proceed.

In many circumstances, the person you contact might need to discuss the matter with a colleague and consider it further before responding.

We will attempt to deal with the complaint as quickly as possible.

Our response to a complaint will tell you of the outcome of your complaint. It will explain the conclusion, the reasons for it, and any action taken or proposed.

What Happens About Confidentiality?

Your complaint will be treated in a confidential manner and with respect.

It is the school’s policy that a complaint made by parents or guardians should not rebound adversely on their children, and similarly, that a complaint raised by a student will not rebound on him or her, or on other students.

We cannot entirely rule out the need to make third-parties outside the school aware of a complaint and possibly also the identity of those involved. This would only be likely to happen where, for example, a student’s safety was at risk or it became necessary to refer an issue to the police. You would be fully informed in such instances.

While information relating to a specific complaint will be kept confidentially on file, we wish to point out that an anonymous complaint might not be pursued.

Action which might need to be taken under the school’s staff disciplinary procedures as a result of a complaint would be handled confidentially within the school.

What if I am Not Satisfied with the Outcome?

We hope that you will feel satisfied with the outcome, or at least that your complaint has been fairly considered.

A copy of our policy is available here or from the school office, upon request.

For more information please contact the school’s Assistant Principal, James Le Huray.